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Chicago Auto Show 2010


That special time of year has come and gone. As expected, the Auto Show was on the more tame side of auto shows. It was light on concept cars, sweet interactive exhibits and (to my surprise) more fuel-efficient vehicles. But always a good time nonetheless. Below are some highlights…

This is the Mitsubishi i-MiEV. This electric car that gets about 80 miles/charge.

For my exhibit people… Yes you can interact and spin the spheres.

The Kia exhibit was a big surprise. It looks strangely familiar to some concept work I did last year for a museum in China.

Typically I’m not one for sports cars, but this car by Fisker is triple sexy. 1 For it’s form 2 For having a solar panel & 3 For being called Karma. Check out more about Fisker.

Last, but not least, the Chevy Volt. This car is estimated to get 40 miles/charge and up to 100 miles/gallon once it switches over to the gas-powered generator. I’m glad I got to see it up close, although it’s still a little too big. The word on the street (well, from the woman wearing the boots in the background) is that the Volt will go into production by fall of 2010 and will enter the market at the beginning of 2011. The first areas to get it are California, Michigan, and D.C.

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