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Book Review : 10 Things You Need to Eat…


Usually I like food books with lots of vibrant photos, but for some reason the lack of photos in this book does not phase me at all. 10 Things You Need to Eat and more than 100 Easy and Delicious Ways to Prepare Them is half information and half recipes.  It is written by two friends one  is a chef, and the other a pseudo health-nut. My favorite part about the book is how these 10 things are readily available items, not exotic fruit from the far corners of the earth. Some of the foods on the list are tomatoes, nuts, avocados, quinoa, and berries – not bad, right?

These guys really did their research too. There are tons of facts and some go with fun little illustrations. They also have honorable mention foods like olive oil and cinnamon. The book definitely gets extra points for listing must have staple ingredients, and their uses.

So far I have cooked the quinoa stuffed peppers, and the avocado risotto (originally avocado shrimp risotto but we modified) and both dishes were a hit. Next I am looking to make the avocado chocolate brownies (whaaa?) I know sounds crazy, but I guess avocados are a great healthy substitute for butter.


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